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P183 Trichloroaceitic acid (TCA) – a forgotten treatment for genital warts?
  1. Laura Clarke,
  2. Rak Nandwani
  1. Sandyford Initiative, Glasgow, UK


Background/introduction Genital warts (GWs), are the most common STI in the UK. They can have a huge psychological impact on patients and can be very difficult to clear. There has been little research and few RCTs comparing treatments. In Glasgow, TCA is reserved for patients that standard treatments have failed.

Aim(s)/objectives To describe the use of TCA as a treatment for persistent and recurrent GWs and to review the local practice and protocol.

Methods We conducted a retrospective case review of all patients who received TCA in 2013 in our integrated sexual and reproductive health service with follow-up to the end of 2014. Patients were identified by prescriptions of TCA on our electronic patient record.

Results TCA was used on all types of warts in a variety of multiple locations. 20 out of 27 patients achieved clearance with TCA in 2013 (74%) and of these, 5 experienced recurrence in 2014 (25%). Patients with some level of immunosuppression may benefit from TCA treatment and respond earlier than those with a fully functioning immune system.

Discussion/conclusion TCA is an effective treatment for persistent and recurrent GWs; either used alone or with an adjuvant therapy, with relatively few side-effects. It can provide patients who have exhausted many/all other treatment options, positive results and improve mental well-being.

This audit also highlights the importance of improved documentation of warts by our staff and closer adherence to the existing clinic protocol for the management of GWs.

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