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P195 Should male circumcision be considered curative treatment for lichen sclerosus?
  1. Farai Nyatsanza1,
  2. Benedict Holden2
  1. 1Imperial College Healthcare Trust, London, UK
  2. 2Hillingdon Hospital, London, UK


Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder. In men it presents mainly on the prepuce, coronal sulcus and glans penis. The cause of lichen sclerosus is not fully understood, but genetic and autoimmune factors are thought to be important. Infections have been investigated as a cause, but with no clear evidence of a potential causative agent. In men the association with autoimmune diseases is weaker; however studies have shown a family history of diabetes mellitus, and thyroid disease are possible risk factors. Other suggested potential causes are chronic intermittent damage by urine, as early circumcision seems to be preventative in those who do not have congenital anomalies such as hypospadias.

Recommended treatments include circumcision and potent topical steroid ointments. Taking this into consideration we reviewed notes of patients that presented to the monthly Joint Dermatology clinic with a diagnosis of lichen sclerosus to ascertain the number of recurrences post circumcision.

We found four cases of recurrence of lichen sclerosus in patients attending the clinic over a four month period. Ages varied between 39–81 years old. One patient had diabetes mellitus, and another had been circumcised twice. All patients needed treatment with potent topical steroid ointment. Lipscombe et al . stated that 50% of patients who had a circumcision had a recurrence. It is important when discussing management with patients to remember that lichen sclerosus can recur after circumcision. From our observations, the presence of folds of skin still covering the glans penis best predicts recurrence.

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