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P198 Does gum speciality training prepare new consultants to manage sexual dysfunction?
  1. Jane Nicholls1,
  2. Pippa Green2,
  3. Karl Hollows3,
  4. David Goldmeier4
  1. 1Bristol Sexual Health Centre, Bristol, UK
  2. 2University Hospital of South Manchester NHS FT, Manchester, UK
  3. 3Cobridge Sexual Health Service, Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent NHS Partnership Trust, Stoke on Trent, UK
  4. 4Jefferiss Wing, St. Mary’s Hospital, London, UK


Background/introduction Service provision for patients with sexual dysfunction (SD) in the UK varies according to locality and available expertise. Speciality training in SD may be variable and poorly standardised.

The 2010 GUM curriculum is due for review in 2015. The opinion of senior trainees and new consultants will help inform these curriculum developments.

Aim(s)/objectives We aim to establish

  • whether new consultants feel adequately equipped to manage patients with SD

  • what additional training is currently being undertaken

  • whether additional training opportunities would be welcome

Methods An electronic survey was distributed to 51 trainees within 24 months of CCT and 19 new consultants.

Results The response rate was 39% (27/70) from 9 deaneries. 92% (24/26) felt that having training in SD as a GUM physician was important (46%) or very important (46%). Most trainees had had some exposure to informal teaching 89% (24/27) or departmental teaching 63% (17/27) but very few had formal training. Only 8% (2/26) of respondents felt their training had adequately equipped them to manage SD. 46% (12/26) felt equipped to some extent but 31% (8/26) did not feel adequately equipped to manage SD. 88% (23/26) felt they would benefit from further training.

Discussion/conclusion Many senior trainees and new consultants do not feel equipped to manage SD. The ability to recognise and appropriately refer patients with SD is essential for any GUM clinician. The 2015 curriculum review will help standardise core training in SD, as well as providing opportunities for those who wish to deliver specialised services in future.

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