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P204 Sex undressed: developing a website for young people around sex and body image
  1. Alice Armitage1,
  2. Cait Crosse2,
  3. Alan Bridger3
  1. 1UCL, London, UK
  2. 2English for Action London, London, UK
  3. 3Makers Academy, London, UK


Introduction Evidence shows that children and young people (CYP) have inter-related issues around self-esteem, body image, sex and relationships. Access to pornography and paucity of sex and relationship education in the UK is exacerbating this problem.

We want to develop an online resource for CYP addressing sex and body image, centred around videos from ‘peer educators’ but also containing information and links to other resources.

Aims To undertake a consultation period with the aim of informing the content and aims of the website.

Methods Workshops comprising: 1. Introduction of website concept. 2. Card-cluster participatory exercise, ‘what I wish I had known when I was younger’. 3. Feedback.

Results 3 workshops were held, (participants = 19, M11, F8, age 20–30).

The concept was well-received and most participants wished to be involved. Concerns were expressed about people’s willingness to speak openly about intimate issues in videos and potential for cultural bias in participation.

Card-cluster themes included rejecting the portrayal of sex in pornography, rejecting the portrayal of body image in the media, normalising masturbation, normalising body hair and concepts of consent and the right to enjoy sex.

70% felt clear about the project, and 100% felt included.

Conclusion Our findings indicate strikingly similar concerns and insecurities that could be amenable to positive role models and educational resources in a youth-friendly website. We recognise the need to engage diverse groups (in terms of race, class, sexuality) to encourage inclusive content and users.

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