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P210 Uptake and acceptance of combined HIV poct and STI screening for MSM in community settings during national HIV testing week
  1. Kevin Turner1,
  2. Billy Clarke1,
  3. Cecilia Priestley1,
  4. Sara Scofield1,
  5. Cordelia Chapman2
  1. 1Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Weymouth, UK
  2. 2The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Trust, Bournemouth, UK


Background/introduction National HIV Testing Week (NHTW) aims to increase the earlier detection and treatment of HIV by increasing access to testing across community and statutory settings, with a focus on at risk populations including men who have sex with men (MSM). However there are increasing concerns about risky behaviour, including Chemsex, and an increase in other STIs in MSM.

Aims/objectives To review the acceptance by MSM, of full sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening in a community setting, during NHTW.

Methods We promoted NHTW using national and local material, shared across social media platforms aimed at MSM. In addition to HIV point of care testing (POCT) using a 4th generation test, we offered full STI screening (urine and self-taken pharyngeal/rectal swabs for chlamydia and gonorrhoea NAATs and syphilis POCT). Sexual histories were self-completed.

Results 74 patients were screened; 56 identified as MSM; average age 33(17–75). Of these only 21(38%) reported consistent condom use for anal sex. 4(7%) reported Chemsex, with MCAT the commonest drug. 20(36%) had a past history of an STI. 42(75%) underwent full screening, 12(21%) POCT only (10 HIV and syphilis, 2 HIV), and 2(4%) for chlamydia and gonorrhoea only. There were 3 positive diagnoses: 1 HIV, 1 pharyngeal gonorrhoea and 1 rectal chlamydia.

Discussion/conclusion NHTW has proven its effectiveness in increasing the uptake of HIV testing in at risk populations; we have shown that offering full sexual health screening as part of NHTW activity, using self-taken history and urine / non-invasive swabs, is acceptable and effective.

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