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P227 Sexual health in trans* individuals: high risk and under represented
  1. Ruth Byrne,
  2. Leigh Chislett,
  3. Sheel Patel
  1. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK


Background/introduction In the UK, the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) amongst trans* individuals is unknown. International data estimate HIV prevalence to be as high as 20%. Public health data is lacking primarily due to trans* not being recognised as a gender.

Aim(s)/objectives To identify and characterise trans* individuals within our HIV+ cohort.

Methods Trans* individuals attending for HIV care at three urban care centres were identified by their physician and added to a database. A retrospective review of each electronic patient record was undertaken. Demographics, clinical data and documentation of sexual history and risk behaviours were collated.

Results 23 trans* individuals living with HIV were identified. All were trans*female. 10 (43%) had a detectable HIV viral load. Within the past 6 months 10 (43%) reported condomless anal sex and 6 (26%) had gonorrhoea and/or chlamydia infection. 11 (48%) were regularly using recreational drugs and 6 (26%) engaged in commercial sex work. 9 (39%) had no documentation of sexual history.

Discussion/conclusion High levels of vulnerability and specific healthcare needs exist amongst trans* individuals. Within this HIV+ cohort particular concerns include risk of onward transmission of HIV, acquisition of new infections and drug misuse. Our clinic runs a dedicated sexual health, HIV and holistic well-being service for trans* individuals that is working to address these issues. Patient record systems need updating to recognise trans* individuals, allowing the prevalence of HIV and other STIs in this group to be accurately recorded. We believe trans* individuals are an at risk group whose healthcare needs should be better addressed.

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