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P236 Is annual cervical cytology in HIV positive women justified in the era of HPV testing? a 2-year study in a district general hospital
  1. Nisha Pal,
  2. Mamatha Odhuru,
  3. Noreen Desmond
  1. Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, Garden Clinic, Slough, Berkshire, UK


Background/introduction As per guidelines all HIV positive women have annual cytology irrespective of their CD4 count, viral load, and antiretroviral therapy. Smear tests are often cumbersome and most patients dislike annual smears. There is a lot of administration and cost involved in screening these women on an annual basis.

Aim(s)/objectives We looked at cervical cytology results of our HIV positive cohort for 2 years in the era of HPV testing and found some interesting results.

Methods Data collected on excel sheet and analysed.

Results Total of 153 cases was reviewed for over 2 years. 123/153 had negative HPV test. 30/153 had positive HPV test.

Out of the 30 with HR HPV: 5/30 was not on ARV. 25/30 on ARV had HIV VL <50 cpm. Age range from 28–62 years. 22/30 was Black African. 6/30 was white UK.

Conclusions Women with HIV infection who engage in medical care are usually on antiretroviral therapy and are virologically suppressed. The patients with HR HPV were followed up with colposcopy and continue to have annual smears. Patients with negative smear results who are HR HPV negative can be screened as per the normal population.c

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