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P238 Hepatitis C testing in msm – are we asking the right questions?
  1. Brenton Wait,
  2. Rachel Coyle,
  3. Iain Reeves,
  4. Tristan Barber
  1. Homerton University Hospital, London, UK


Background Concern regarding high rates of hepatitis C infection in sub-groups of MSM may warrant targeted testing.

Aim We examine whether we routinely collect the necessary information from MSM to identify those at risk and target hepatitis C testing, and assess whether our concerns about emerging risk factors for hepatitis C are implicated in new diagnoses in our cohort.

Methods Notes audit of all MSM GUM attendances during November 2013 assessed documentation of fisting, rectal bleeding with sex, group sex, and drug use, as well as hepatitis testing. Notes of all patients coded for hepatitis C infection during 2011–2013 were examined to assess risk factors for hepatitis C infection.

Results 147 MSM attendances were reviewed. The proportion of men asked about specific risk factors was: drug use (18%), rectal bleeding (1%), group sex (1%), fisting (1%). 8% MSM had hepatitis C screens, none with traditional risk factors. Over 3 years, 46 patients were coded for hepatitis C. 34% of these were new infections. 33% were HIV positive, 48% had injected drugs (41% no documentation), 22% had hepatitis C positive partners, 11% were sex workers.

Discussion/conclusion Drug use and high risk sexual practices were not always fully recorded in our sample. Testing rates were low and did not seem to relate to identifiable risks. We identified few cases of new infection, largely limited to patients with traditional risk factors. It is not clear if better recording of risk factors would lead to increased Hepatitis C testing or diagnosis.

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