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P239 Does service integration improve the sexual and reproductive healthcare of HIV positive women?
  1. Sally Wielding
  1. Chalmers Centre, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh, UK


Background NHS Lothian Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) and Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (SRH) services integrated in June 2011. Contraceptive use, pregnancies and uptake of annual cervical cytology were audited in a cohort of HIV positive women pre- and post-integration of services.

Aims To assess whether the SRH of HIV positive women has improved after integration of services, and to guide further service improvements.

Methods Case notes and electronic data recording system entries were interrogated for the 5 years preceding integration of services and the 3 years following integration.

Results Contraception: Pre-integration 24.9% of 70 women with contraceptive needs were on effective prescriptions. Post-integration this proportion rose to 39.3% of 74 women.

Pregnancies: In the 5 years pre-integration 32 women had 42 pregnancies. 47.6% of these pregnancies were unplanned (UP). In the 3 years post-integration 13 women had a total of 18 pregnancies, 50% were UP pregnancies.

Cervical cytology: Pre-integration 47.3% of those eligible had a cervical cytology result documented within the last year, which improved to 74.6%.

Conclusion Contraceptive provision improved after service integration although there remained fewer than 40% of women using a suitable method. Despite this improvement, UP pregnancy rates did not fall significantly. In a cohort of women attending an integrated service regularly, who are known to have an infection which can be vertically transmitted, it is disappointing that rates are comparable to those seen in the general population. The proportion of women who had cervical cytology in the last year has improved from 47.3% to 74.6%.

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