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P241 Contraception and condom use in hiv positive women
  1. Michelle Olver,
  2. Carys Knapper
  1. Anuerin Bevan University Health Board, South Wales, UK


Background/introduction The British Human Immunodeficiency Virus Association has published standards for the care of people living with HIV. Condom use is important in preventing transmission of HIV. Preconception care and contraceptive provision allow HIV positive women to plan pregnancy and reduce the risk of vertical transmission.

Aim(s)/objectives To ascertain whether HIV positive women in our service were using effective contraception to prevent pregnancy as well as consistent condom use.

Methods The notes of 61 female patients attending for regular HIV management within our health board were identified and reviewed. The data collected included documented condom use, contraceptive use and whether the method interacted with their treatment.

Results 57% of women were documented as using contraception, the intrauterine system being the most widely used. 13% did not need contraception due to the menopause or hysterectomy whilst 11% were documented as not currently sexually active. 12 women used condoms alone as contraception. All women on antiretroviral treatment were using appropriate forms of contraception. 21 women did not have documentation of condom use although 9 of those women were recorded as not having a partner.

Discussion/conclusion This audit has highlighted that our service requires better documentation of condom usage. Assumptions should not be made that people without partners are not sexually active. Contraception uptake was well documented with appropriate methods used whether on treatment or not. Due to the high failure rate of condoms, emphasis should be made on using them in conjunction with other forms of contraception.

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