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P242 Still children
  1. Miranda King,
  2. Sara Scofield,
  3. Cecilia Priestley
  1. Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Weymouth, UK


Background/introduction Our GUM clinic holds an integrated young person’s clinic (YPC). We have used a proforma for under 16s. In 2014 a national proforma for identifying risk of child exploitation, “Spotting the Signs” was published. We decided to expand the use of the proforma to <18s.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess whether expanding the use of the young person’s (YP) proforma would identify risk factors and vulnerabilities in 16–17 year olds that may have otherwise been missed.

Methods Casenote review of 50 consecutive YP aged 16–17 attending a YPC.

Results 45(90%) were female. YP were at high risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI)–9(18%) past history of STI, 15(30%) last sex with a casual partner, 15(30%) >1 partner in last 3 months, 38(76%) no or inconsistent use of condoms. 11/37(30%) screened were diagnosed with an STI (chlamydia 5, PID 4, warts 1, herpes 1). All reported that they felt able to say “no” if they did not want sex, including one who attended following sexual assault and 5 with a history of unconsensual sex. Other than those, no cases of sexual exploitation were identified; however risks/vulnerabilities were identified in many–19(38%) mental health problems, 21(42%) self-harm, 41(82%) regular alcohol and 8(16%) drug use, 12(24%) low self-esteem. 12 (24%) had had a previous attendance when the proforma was not used.

Discussion/conclusion Expanding the YP proforma to <18s resulted in identifying a significant number of vulnerabilities and risk factors (mainly self-harm and low-self-esteem) for sexual exploitation and STIs that might otherwise have been missed.

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