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P244 Child sexual exploitation – review of information sharing and identifying patients at risk
  1. Gillian Fraser,
  2. Beverely Wilson-Brown,
  3. Fiona Fargie
  1. Sandyford Initiative, Glasgow, UK


Background/introduction We are a community based, multi-disciplinary team providing sexual health care for 8,000 under 20s that attend our service yearly. Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is an increasingly recognised problem that affects young vulnerable people across the UK. Information sharing between agencies is an important factor in identifying young people who are involved in CSE and in order to improve our practice, we retrospectively reviewed case notes of those identified as vulnerable to CSE by other agencies.

Aim(s)/objectives To identify: was information shared when a risk of CSE was identified during the sexual health consultation? What is the prevalence of strong and warning signs of CSE in this population of young people attending sexual health services?

Methods Retrospective case note review using our health authority tool for identifying CSE risks.

Results 76 of the136 young people identified had attended our service. 39/76 (51%) had at least one strong indicator for CSE. 36/39 nine were known to social work. 38/39 had documented information sharing. 11/76 (14%) had at least one warning indicator and 26/76 (35%) had no identifiable CSE risk factors. 7/26 had information shared with social work.

Discussion/conclusion Information sharing occurred for almost all patients identified with a strong risk factor for CSE. 49% of the young people identified by other agencies as at risk did not disclose information that strongly indicated CSE. Incorporation of the BASHH spotting the signs proforma and training to further increase staff awareness is being developed.

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