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P249 So what do women want – establishing a women’s sexual health service
  1. Emma Collins,
  2. Michelle Hawkins
  1. BSUH NHS Trust, Brighton, UK


Introduction Patient and public feedback has highlighted the need for targeted sexual health services for women in our city. Women who have sex with women (WSW) were reluctant to attend services due to perceptions of low risk and discrimination, and valued the choice of a women-only service).

In 2012 a women’s clinic opened, offering a range of sexual health and contraception services. Staffed by female HCPs and receptionists, the service has been well received by women. Plans for a women-only waiting area proved challenging within the confines of environment and patient activity.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess patient experience of the women’s clinic, including that of mixed sex versus female only waiting areas.

Methods An anonymous patient experience questionnaire distributed 3rd–17thApril 2014. Women were asked their age, sexual orientation, previous experience of services and their views on accessing integrated contraception and sexual health care. Data was collated and entered into an excel database.

Results Questionnaires were received from 43 women (36 fully completed); Majority (n = 21, 50%) 26–35 years. 33 (77%) WSM, 3 (7%) WSW; 7 (16%) did not answer. 28 (66%) had accessed other sexual health/ contraception services within 3 years. 3 (6%) preferred female only waiting areas, with 40 (94%) wanting a choice, or stating that they had no strong feelings.

Discussion Assumptions about acceptability of single-sex waiting areas did not match the majority of patients’ views. WSM and WSW accessing the service valued the choice of mixed or single sex waiting areas.

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