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P04.24 Evaluation of prevalence of stis between women referred to “counselling and harm reduction centre for vulnerable women” in isfahan – iran 2014
  1. M Meshkati,
  2. S Narimani,
  3. M Zandieh,
  4. R Fadai Nobari
  1. Isfahan University of Medical Sceiences, Province Health Center


Introduction At this time sexually transmitted infections are a major public health problem. Prevalence of STIs is correlated with distribution of sexual behaviours. Rates of sexual activity among Iranian youth were low but it is gradually changing. In the other hand rate of sexual transmission of HIV among newly identified people living with HIV is increasing year by year that might have probably a consistent trend with STIs. By this way Counselling and Harm Reduction centres for vulnerable women were established. So we looked clients in these centres for evaluating prevalence of STIs base on syndromic approach.

Methods In Isfahan, we lunched 2 centres for vulnerable women. We performed a survey (cross - sectional) for all clients who referred in 2014. The data was gathered by the client’s files.

Results We have admitted 160 clients, the majority of them were in group ages 25–34 years (38.4%) and married (81%). 47% of clients had history of sexual high risk behaviour that 50% were drug abuser. All of clients were assessed in every visit to centre for signs of STIs.30% of them need to exam and 50% of them were treated because vaginal discharge.

Conclusion These results show the increase of sexual high risk behaviours in young people and special between drug abuser. So it is necessary to evaluate STIs between this group. In this time, we have to manage base on syndromic approach so we need to provide etiologic approach for improving care and treatment. We have faced risk of third episode of HIV/AIDS from IDU to sexual contact in Iran right now so it is essential to improve harm reduction centres as well as social support in order to empower women for job finding that could play an effective and important role in control of spreading HIV/AIDS and STIs.

Disclosure of interest Counselling and Harm Reduction centres for vulnerable women were founded by Isfahan university of medical sciences.

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