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P04.31 Study among injectable drugs users (idus)
  1. Faridoon Qayoumi,
  2. Shakib Popal
  1. World Vision, Afghanistan


Background Afghanistan is a country of low HIV prevalence but high risk factors for a number of reasons:

There is no information on the prevalence rates of HIV amongst general population- there are neither HIV sentinel surveillance sites nor case reporting system. There have also been no general population household studies of Behavioural surveillance in general population.

Methodology Rapid Assessment techniques comprising qualitative methods were used, in the first instance, to elicit salient key themes to inform questionnaire design for the quantitative component of the study. Key information interview were conducted in each five research sites with administrator and services provides who had knowledge of injecting drug use. Secondly, the free list technique was employed with information in all five research area to elicit responses to thematically- focused question on injecting drug use and lifestyle.

Blood sample were drawn from each 250 participants to test HIV, HCV, HBS and Syphilis

Study aims

  1. Describe the range of characteristics of IDUs in major cities of Afghanistan.

  2. Examine the injecting –related HIV risk behaviours of IDUs.

  3. Suggest necessary intervention to prevent HIV transmission among IDUs and their family and sex partners.

Conclusion Study of characteristics and drug user pattern of IDUs conducted through in- depth interview with 250 IDUs in five area: Herat; Kabul; Bamyan; Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif by the criteria of: demographics; ethnicity; place of birth; time spent outside Afghanistan during the past ten years; length of time of return to Afghanistan; education and literacy level; marital status; income; drug availability; drugs use and injection; condom use; sexual history and practices; knowledge and attitudes about HIV; services use and satisfaction.

Disclosure of interest statement I would like to clear that I was the principle investigator of this study, I have approval letter from ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

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