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P07.15 Reability and validity on bacterial vaginosis (bv) screening among sexual workers – baturraden, banyumas distric, central java, indonesia 2014
  1. Leyna Chunaifa1,
  2. B Rahayujati2,
  3. A Pratiwi3
  1. 1Field Epidemiology and Training Program (FETP), GadjahMada University, Indonesia
  2. 2Health Department of Kulonprogo District, Yogyakarta Special Region Province, Java, Indonesia
  3. 3Disease Control and Environmental Health, Health Department of Banyumas, Central Java Province, Indonesia


Introduction Prevalence of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) in various countries around the world is quite high and the highest prevalence is found in female sex workers (FSW). Resulting interference of BV epithelial vaginal infection, disturbsbalance of normal flora of the vagina and changesacidity (pH), which could be a base for increased risk to HIV infection. Early BV detection among FSW is recommended for early treatment to prevent other serious infections. Screening was conducted to detect BV, calculate the prevalence and evaluate the medical staff of STD’s Program.

Methods A crossectional study was implemented in December 2014. Subjects were sex workers in Banyumas District, Central Java. Amsel criteria were used for diagnostic test and Hay/Ison criteria as a gold standard.

Results There 99 women out of 200 sex worker in Baturraden were screened. Results of screening of BV as perAmsel criteria are 37 people (38%) and gold standard are 43 people (43%) positive for BV. The loss of acidity was found in most of them (78%) as an indicator with the highest level of agreement (97%). The fishy smell indicator using whiff test on were the lowest level of agreement (74%). Reability of the examination between doctors is optimum (89%). Realibility of clue cell indicators using microscopic examination between analyst on the health centre with hospital is still limited (56%). The validity of Amsel criteria compared with Hay/Ison criteria were optimum (Sn = 89%, Sp = 72%, PPV = 81%, NPV = 84%).

Conclusion Prevalence of BV among subjects were 43%. Amsel criteria can be used for screening method because it has good sensitivity and specificity to determine BV. The agreement between Health Centre Analyst and Hospital need to be improved (<80%). We recommend Banyumas Health Department to conduct workshop and training for laboratory staff for microscopic examination.

Disclosure of interest statement This study is my field project as a FETP Trainee that are funded by FETP UGM. No funding were received for this study.

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