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S06.1 The global roadmap for sti vaccine development: moving forward
  1. Sami Gottlieb
  1. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland


The global STI vaccine roadmap outlines critical next steps to accelerate development of new STI vaccines according to nine priority action areas: 1) obtaining better epidemiologic data; 2) improving the understanding of STI natural history and the burden of sequelae; 3) modelling the theoretical impact of STI vaccines; 4) advancing basic science research for STI vaccines; 5) conducting basic and translational studies in human clinical settings as soon as possible; 6) defining preferred product characteristics for 1st generation vaccines; 7) expediting clinical development and evaluation; 8) planning for vaccine introduction in advance; and 9) encouraging investment in STI vaccine development. This presentation will review the global roadmap for STI vaccine development, discuss key ongoing activities to implement the roadmap and advance the global STI vaccine agenda, and important next steps to continue to catalyse STI vaccine development.

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