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P08.32 The feasibility and acceptability of offering opportunistic chlamydia screening in a nurse-led primary health care clinic
  1. M Lambert1,
  2. MJ Currie2,
  3. R Del Rosario3,
  4. A Tyson3,
  5. SJ Martin3
  1. 1Walk in Centre, Canberra Hospital, ACT, 2605
  2. 2Research Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Practice, Australian National University, Canberra Hospital ACT 2606
  3. 3Canberra Sexual Health Centre (CSHC), Canberra, ACT, 2605


Introduction Chlamydia rates are highest among young people. Screening is the best method of identifying asymptomatic infection. The study aim was to determine the feasibility and case finding effectiveness of routinely offered chlamydia screening in the nurse-led ACT Health Walk in Centre (WiC).

Methods Regardless of the purpose of their visit, all WiC attendees aged 16–30 years were offered chlamydia screening. Cases were managed by CSHC. Outcome measures were: number of specimens collected, proportion of positive tests, proportion of cases treated at CSHC and contact tracing yield.

Results 4341 people in the target age range (29.1% of total WiC presentations) attended between 13/8/12 and 31/5/13; 473 (10.9%) accepted screening. Screening was associated with female gender (293 vs. 180 p = 0.0001), 20–24 year age group and no particular reason for attendance. 28 (5.9%) tested positive (19 females, 9 males, 22 aged 16–25 years). 26/28 (92.9%) attended CSHC for treatment; 2 were treated elsewhere. 39 sexual partners were nominated by the 26 patients treated at CSHC; 23 were contacted by the index cases and 16 by CSHC staff.

Conclusions Offering chlamydia screening to young people attending the WiC is feasible and demonstrated excellent case finding effectiveness. Efforts to increase screening participation are needed.

Disclosure of interest statement This project was funded by ACT Health, Population Health Division. No Pharmaceutical grant was received in the development of this study.

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