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P13.07 Which elements of a novel self-directed rapid asymptomatic sexually transmitted infection screening service are most important to users?
  1. L Chislett,
  2. J Clarke
  1. Dean Street Express, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust London, UK


Introduction In Feb 2014 we launched an innovative walk in asymptomatic screening service targeting higher risk groups in central London UK. Users self register and record their own sexual history using a touch screen which triggers automated test ordering. Users then are self-directed to take their own samples using video instructions. HIV point of care testing gives 60 s results. The use of on site Cepheid® GeneXpert allows samples to be processed within 90 min with results delivered by automated results management. Within 6 months the service was attracting over 6000 attendances per month. The aim of this survey was to ascertain the elements of the service that were most attractive to users.

Methods Prospective survey of sequential attendees.

Results 78% identified as Gay/Bisexual, 20% Heterosexual, 2% Lesbian.

All respondents said that they would recommend the Dean Street Express model to a friend. Use of touch screen. Really Easy 78%, Easy 22%, OK 0%, Hard 0%, Very Hard 0%. Self-taken samples. Really Easy 66%, Easy 26%, OK 8%, Hard 0%, Very Hard 0%.

Percentage indicating important:

Conclusion The use of touch screens, self sampling and rapid results through the use of on site diagnostics are highly acceptable to service users.

Disclosure of interest statement Leigh Chislett’s travel and accommodation to this conference were sponsored by Cepheid.

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