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P14.08 Comparative study of vulnerability of circumcision among women of kenya and nigeria
  1. Ankita Siddhanta
  1. International Institute for Population Sciences, India


Introduction Female circumcision is a phenomenon specific to Africa continent. The main objective of study is to understand the determinant affecting female circumcision in the two selected African countries of Kenya and Nigeria.

Methods Bivariate and Multivariate techniques were used to analyse DHS Data for this study.

Results Most Kenyan women (90%) are of the view that circumcision should be discontinued compared to 74% in Nigeria. In both the countries, with increasing age and education the attitude and perception of the women towards the continuation of the service is getting negative (P < 0.01). It is found that high percentage (86.6%) of women from Christian community in Kenya as compared to only 66% in Nigeria believe that this tradition has no benefit. In Kenya, circumcision among Islam women (55%) doubles than the Christians whereas in Nigeria, this practice among the Christians is equally high (47.3%). The Islam women in Kenya are 2.7 times more likely than the Christians to say that this practice should be continued and 35% want her daughter to be circumcised compared to only 5.7% in Nigeria. Surprisingly, 17% women in Kenya and 25% in Nigeria experienced circumcision even after marriage thus flouting the popular belief, that infibulated genitalia before marriage is much preferred option. Circumcised women are 11 times and 21 times more likely in Kenya and Nigeria respectively than uncircumcised women to want the persistence of circumcision.

Conclusion Aforesaid results clearly points out that the Nigerian women faces more circumcision and are exposed conformed to socially constructed norms. The findings reiterated the basic nature of human where we find that the women who went through the pain want other women also to be prisoners of circumcised pain. Expansion of reproductive health policies, planning and programming should include Circumcision to address the vulnerabilities.

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