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P14.10 Fight for the right to health care services for people with hiv
  1. Dion Nuryadi


Background By September 2013, 70% of districts/cities in Indonesia reported 45,650 HIV cases. The discrepancy between the estimated 500,000 HIV people and reported cases shows there is a great number of hidden PLHIV not reached by empowerment programs thus causing them experiencing low life-quality.

Description In 2012–2013, we strengthened organising PLHIV agreed to establish JAPI (Indonesian Action Network for Change), becoming a political agent of change; programs include: facilitating and publishing homebased-care module, together with MoH and IPPA, supervision and M&E provincial-visits, expanding the network to include women, MSM, Transgender, IDUs human rights, environmental and global justice activists. In 2013–2014 JAPI’s advocacy through series of workshop, executive consultations and campaign to fight for rights to health services for PLHIV in Indonesia. JAPI has published two training modules: (1) Psychosocial support for PLHIV (2) Community organising. JAPI also grew stronger becoming Evaluator for Access to health Team-members with MoH and national facilitator for Social analysis and positive prevention. There are 82 groups (GF/Implementing Units) in 12(of 33) provinces with 110 PLHIV -peer-facilitators supporting 39,056 PLHIV.

Lessons learned Through intensive PLHIV Community-Organising and training, PLHIV groups evolved from being objects of projects, turn into subjects in the AIDS response.

Conclusion/next steps PLHIV possesses the social capital needed to build working-networks with government and non-government organisations to increase the quality of their lives, therefore shouldn’t be objectified by any party whether a project, a government or an-international institution.

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