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P16.06 Knowledge of kaposi sarcoma (ks) among  hiv + commercial sex workers on hiv therapy in kisumu township, kenya
  1. C Kiplagat,
  2. M Mutai,
  3. E Sumukwa
  1. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya


Introduction The most common type of KS in the United States is epidemic or AIDS-related KS. Kaposi Sarcoma is a type of malignancy which develops in people who are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Studies have suggested that the prevalence rate of KS is low on HIV Positive Persons due to an excellent ART therapy and remains higher on HIV Negative Persons.

Methods We performed a retrospective analysis in all HIV infected patients having KS using Demographic and Clinical parameters. We used outpatient Clinic at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and referral Hospital in Kisumu Township as our main hospital for this research between the years of 2009–2014 respectively.

Results Among 2280 patients,30 were diagnosed with KS in the period of 2009–2014. All Patients were commercial sex workers with a mean age of 35 (30–38). Kaposi Sarcoma was Diagnosed in different stages of HIV infection by using Cohorts.

Cohort 1: KS concomitant Diagnosis of HIV infection were 6 cases

Cohort II: Diagnosis of KS in cART naïve persons were 7 cases

Cohort III: Diagnosis of KS in Patients for the first 6 months of start of cART as IRIS were 4 cases

Conclusion All patients who were treated with 2NRTI+PI were permanently cured of KS. Also there was no KS cases observed on the stable and virological effective cART.

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