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S02.4 Engaging boys and men as actors in violence prevention
  1. Bonney Corbin
  1. True Relationships and Reproductive Health, (formerly Family Planning Queensland), Australia


Popular culture surrounding sexual and gender based violence stereotypes individual actors and their intimate relationships. These stereotypes limit opportunities for conflict transformation pedagogy. As feminism returns to vogue amongst youth populations and concepts of gender diversity enter mainstream school discussion, students and their school communities are calling for alternative approaches to violence prevention education. Doing so successfully, requires moving beyond education about personal standpoints and attitudes to consider the relationships of power enabled via informal and formal community structures including via online and offline media. Considering violence prevention education holistically, every individual within a school community has opportunities to provide violence prevention education. This presentation will provide an overview of core concepts of violence prevention theory including masculinities, continuum models and structural analysis. Demonstrating how theory can be translated in practice, these concepts will be explained alongside practice-based examples from international work to prevent sexual and gender based violence.

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