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P02.02 Another digi-gap! integrating multifaceted triaging approaches to assist and speed technological transition to electronic medical documentation and booking systems
  1. MM Florance1,
  2. A Cheshire1,
  3. B Hadlow1,
  4. A Ubrihien1,2
  1. 1North Shore Sexual Health Service, Northern Sydney LHD, Sydney, Australia
  2. 2HIV and Related Programs Unit, Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Western Sydney Local Health District


 Introduction Recognising and harnessing cultural and technological shifts in both client and healthcare provider arenas are crucial to optimising clinic wide responses to STI education and care. As methods of client-to-service engagement evolve, healthcare providers and their documentation systems must change as well. This is crucial to optimising clinical care and interaction for potential sexual health clients, especially when incorporating mandatory area health service and ministry directives into daily practice.

Northern Sydney Sexual Health Service (NSSHS) triage has long allowed for telephone and walk-in enquiries. NSSHS has modified the existing service website to allow for online booking enquiries. This allows a potential patient to perform basic self-triage while engaging with sexual health services in a safe, non-confronting manner. At the same time, this reduces telephone wait times for clients and improves engagement.

Results 75% of all website enquiries are appropriate for Clinic 16 services.

A significant increase in appointments made via our website enquiry system for priority populations has occurred since initiation in November 2014, including with men who have sex with men (MSM) and youth.

By improving our priority population engagement, there is a marked improvement in Occasions of Services and a projected improvement in Activity Based Funding (ABF) capture via the new electronic medical record system, Community Health and Outpatient Care system (CHOC).

Conclusion By integrating a multi-platform approach to patient engagement, NSSHS is growing to fit client needs while incorporating Local Health District and Ministry of Health mandated electronic medical record changes. This improves ABF capture, patient documentation and above all, improves engagement of priority populations with sexual health services.

Disclosure statement Northern Sydney Sexual Health Service is funded by the Northern Sydney Local Health District. No grants were received in the development of this study or project.

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