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O030 Sexual and reproductive health consultations in a NGO primary care facility over a nine week period
  1. Charline Bradshaw1,
  2. Aliza Amlani1,
  3. Fionnuala Finnerty1,
  4. Daniel Richardson1,2
  1. 1Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust, Brighton, UK
  2. 2Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction The emergence of the “jungle” camp in Calais has been described as a humanitarian emergency. There are internationally recognised minimum standards for provision (MISP) of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care in a crisis situation. It has been reported that the Calais “jungle” camp has not met these.

Methods We reviewed clinic attendances/consultations during a 9 week period, from mid-December 2015 to February 2016, at a non-governmental organisation (NGO) primary care clinic in the Calais “jungle” staffed by volunteer clinicians

Results 394 women and 6118 men aged 15–44 attended the primary care clinic during the study period. Of these, 22 men (0.4%) and 39 women (10%) women sought a consultation regarding SRH. There were 17 requests for pregnancy tests (1.8 per week), 9 termination of pregnancy requests (1 per week) and 2 consultations where sexual violence in women was disclosed, (0.7 per week). 22/6118 men (0.4%) sought advice or treatment for a sexually transmitted infection during the study period.

Discussion/Conclusion Provision of (sexual) & reproductive health in Calais is limited, however our preliminary data shows that demand is high: men do not access the service leaving women particularly vulnerable to poor sexual health and possibly violence. The data is likely to represent the tip of an iceberg. Given the extent of the current refugee crisis and the increase in transit camps around Europe, lessons need to be learned from the Calais “jungle” camp.

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