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P007 Trials and tribulations-creating a sexual health leaflet for prisoners
  1. Jennifer Murira1,
  2. Paul Moore2
  1. 1Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, UK
  2. 2Public Health England (Yorkshire and Humber branch), Leeds, UK


Background/introduction Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons recommends that prisoners are provided with sexual health information and condoms. Consensual sex rates for prisoners are reported between 1.6–10%, and they are considered high risk for STI’s.

Aim(s)/objectives A request by a prison healthcare team for a sexual health leaflet prompted the creation of a pamphlet specific for prisoners.

Methods A working group was created between Genitourinary medicine, Public health England and prison healthcare. A literature review was conducted on sexual/prison healthcare leaflets. 30 prisoners were consulted informing content, length and language. A draft was given to a second focus group who completed a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the leaflet. Approval of the content and look were required from the prison governor. Decisions were needed regarding dissemination and costs.

Results Literature review revealed no previous leaflet for prisoners on sexual health. Prisoners highlighted eye-catching language, pictures,’reference’ style and a quiz being important points that would increase use of a leaflet. A second focus group questionnaire indicated the draft leaflet increased their knowledge about sexual health (90%) and would make them much more likely to wear a condom (52%). Difficulties arose around language used within the leaflet particularly the title acceptability to prison staff and who would fund printing costs. This impacted on distribution and reach of the leaflet.

Discussion/conclusion A simple request lead to a complex lengthy solution, many parties required consultation with differing views. Finally, we hope to have created a leaflet that is applicable for all prisons across England.

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