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P025 Improving local sexual health services for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people
  1. Sinead Cook,
  2. Rachel Drayton
  1. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff, UK


Background/introduction LGBT people have different care needs to other sexual health clinic attendees. Many STIs are known to disproportionately affect men who have sex with men (MSM). We wished to ascertain how to optimise LGBT, and in particular MSM, service provision by our urban sexual health clinic.

Methods 100 questionnaires were completed by attendees to the local Pride event.

Results 61 respondents self-defined as female, 34 male, 4 transman and 1 demifem. 27 (20 women, 4 men) stated their sexual partners were both male and female, 38 (12 women, 25 men) had same-sex partners, and 34 (28 women, 5 men) had opposite-sex partners only.

81 had not attended the local clinic. Reasons for this included previously living elsewhere (22), not feeling they required the service (15) or not knowing it existed (9). 67 reported they would like a specific LGBT sexual health clinic, with 63 requesting evening clinics. 9 did not want specific clinics, with 2 respondents citing concerns about discrimination. 61 felt more LGBT sexual health services outside the city centre are needed. Features they would like included web-based bookings (64), home-testing kits (49), pre-exposure prophylaxis (79) and HPV vaccination (69).

Discussion/conclusion The questionnaire was successful in capturing opinions of those who hadn’t previously attended our service. However it is not possible to ascertain whether views expressed were representative of the local LGBT population as a whole and less than a third were MSM. We will consider developing a specific LGBT service in response to the survey’s findings.

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