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P030 Development, implementation and early evaluation of a pilot cervical screening clinic for women who have been sexually assaulted
  1. Jill Zelin1,
  2. Louise Cadman2,
  3. Jane Vosper1,
  4. Pavan Amara3,1
  1. 1Barts Sexual Health Centre, St. bartholomew’s Hospital, Barts Health, London, UK
  2. 2Centre for Cancer Prevention, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
  3. 3My Body Back Project, London, UK


Background One in five women does not attend for cervical screening when invited. This includes those who have experienced sexual violence, putting them at increased risk of cervical cancer. A pilot clinic was set up in partnership with the My Body Back Project (MBB). MBB supports women who have been raped to regain confidence and control of their body and health. The clinic offers cervical screening and STI testing for these women with a multidisciplinary collaboration between doctor, nurse, psychologist and MBB advocate as facilitator. It aims to provide time, space, shared control and understanding of the particular difficulties faced.

Aim To evaluate acceptability and uptake of a pilot cervical screening clinic for women with a history of sexual assault.

Methods Questionnaires were collected from women attending between August and December 2015.

Results 30 women attended (median age 34.4years). 48.3% had never been screened and 72.4% were significantly overdue.

Abstract P030 Table 1

Cytology results

Feedback showed 96.7% of women found the clinic very useful, the advocate helpful and felt understood. 86.2% found the smear taker and psychologist together helpful and 100% would recommend the service. Confidence in their ability to have a smear increased from slightly/in some situations before their examination to in some/most situations afterwards. Common qualitative themes included not feeling rushed, feeling in control and having needs understood.

Discussion/conclusion The uptake, waiting list and feedback from women suggest that this is a necessary and appreciated clinic. Further evaluation is required in order to improve and sustain the service.

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