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P044 PEP/PEPSE reaudit - Whose notes are they anyway? – the data protection act restricting clinical audit
  1. Rebecca Thomson-Glover,
  2. John Evans-Jones
  1. Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust/East Cheshire NHS Trust, Chester, UK


Background/introduction Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is prescribed to patients presenting with a history of occupational or sexual exposure to HIV infection. The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) published new clinical guidelines on PEP following Sexual Exposure (PEPSE) in 2015.

Aim(s)/objectives To audit occupational PEP/PEPSE related attendances in a sexual health clinic (SHC) in 2015 and compare to a previous audit (2011–2013).

Methods A retrospective case note review of patients attending in 2015 for PEP/PEPSE. Clinical records were unavailable for patients attending prior to April 2015 due to the SHC contract transferring to a new provider.

Results A total of 8 patients attended for PEPSE, two were initiated in A&E, 1 in a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and 4 in the SHC. All patients attended after sexual exposure, with none attending after needle stick injury. All patients were started on PEPSE within 72 hours, had baseline HIV test and STI screen. All had PEPSE prescribed within the recommended indications compared to 88% previously. Fifty percent finished PEP course whilst 25% had a documented HIV test 4–6 weeks post PEP.

Discussion/conclusion Issues around clinical record ownership have been interpreted differently across trusts. Locally, when the provider for the SHC changed, minimal patient record information was transferred to the new trust. This limited access contributed to small audit numbers. Compared to previous audit smaller numbers of patients finished the PEP course and attended for follow up HIV test but clinicians have a greater understanding of recommended indications for PEPSE.

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