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P046 A new approach to quantifying health adviser input in a re-commissioned sexual health service
  1. Sumit Bhaduri,
  2. Carolyn Gosling
  1. Dept of sexual health, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust, Worcestershire, UK


Background/introduction With sexual health services going out to tender, commissioning intentions have prioritised health promotion and prevention strategies. Whilst these activities are currently performed they have been difficult to quantify. Consequently, new codes have been devised to register face to face and telephone input for a) counselling/support/safeguarding issues face to face (HCSF) b) counselling/support/safeguarding via telephone interaction (HCST), c) Health education/health promotion or advice face to face (HEF) d) Health education/health promotion or advice via telephone interaction (HET) e) partner notification face to face (HPNF) and e) partner notification via telephone interaction(HPNT)

Aim(s)/objectives To ascertain whether the newly devised codes have been integrated into routine service

Methods Case notes were analysed over a 3 month period to ascertain, the frequency of use of such codes

Results 37 case notes had input as regards counselling/support/safeguarding face to face (HCSF). 14 had such input via telephone. 75 case notes had input as regards health education/health promotion (HET) face to face, 94 had such input via telephone. 66 case notes had input as regards partner notification face to face, 43 had this via telephone.

Discussion/conclusion It has been established that the codes have been easy to apply and have already given a quantitative view as regards health promotion/education/safeguarding, which has supported discussions with commissioners. It is envisaged that use of the codes will enable of health adviser interventions to be measured time wise. This work will also be presented.

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