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P059 A review of sexually acquired proctitis: an array of symptoms, investigations and treatments
  1. Elizabeth Nicol,
  2. Jonathan Shaw,
  3. Christopher Ward
  1. The Hathersage Integrated Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV Service, Manchester, UK


Introduction With recent lymphogranuloma veneruem (LGV) and Shigella outbreaks amongst men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM), proctitis has become a prominent clinical issue. There is no UK guideline regarding proctitis management but guidance is available from IUSTI and CDC.

Objectives To review our proctitis cases and generate a clinic policy to standardise practice.

Methods Casenotes coded C4NR between 01/01/14–31/12/15 were reviewed with data collated and analysed via Microsoft Excel.

Results 100 care episodes were reviewed (92 patients, 6 attended twice and 1 thrice). All patients were male; 83 homosexual, 8 bisexual and 1 heterosexual. 67 patients were White British, 31 were HIV positive. Median age was 29 years (range = 18–62). Presenting symptoms were varied with rectal pain (58), discharge (54), and bleeding (44) most common. Proctoscopy in 82 cases found varying signs (32 discharge, 24 oedema, 25 contact bleeding, 10 ulceration). Microscopy was diagnostic of proctitis in 39/84 (46.4%) patients. Physician-requested investigations were:

Abstract P059 Table 1

Sexually acquired proctitis

Treatment at initial visit was predominantly doxycycline-based (99/100), with course length varying from 7–21 days. Concurrent therapies were influenced by clinical findings and reported contacts; predominantly ceftriaxone (53), azithromycin (31), and aciclovir (19).

Conclusions Gonorrhoea incidence was high (28%), as was herpes when requested (30%). Updated clinic policy for all proctitis patients includes requesting Herpes Simplex PCR and presumptive treatment for gonorrhoea.

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