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P060 Are we ‘spotting the signs?’
  1. Arnold Fernandes,
  2. Mary-Anne Bailey,
  3. Ameeka Thompson,
  4. Kate Horn
  1. Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK


Background/introduction In 2014, BASHH/Brook piloted a pro-forma for identifying risks of child sexual exploitation in sexual health settings in the light of cases of child sexual exploitation identified nationally. Use of the pro-forma was promoted. The form was introduced in our unit in October 2014 following discussion. This replaced the ‘under-16’s risk-assessment,’ used previously.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess as to whether the pro-forma was being used overall, with in-depth analysis of key components of the document.

Methods Retrospective note audit between 01/04/15–30/09/215 conducted. 44 attendees under 18, identified (17 male, 27 female)

Results The form was used in 39/44 (88.6%). Assessment of Fraser competence was documented in 34/42 (81%); 2 attendees were over 16. There was documentation that ‘confidentiality clause’ was discussed in 37/44 (84.1%). Age of partner was documented in 35/42 (83.3%); 2 patients had never had sex and hence were excluded. Name of social worker was documented in 7/13 (53.8%) attendees who had indicated they had one. 31 attendees had no social worker. Professional analysis was completed in 16/44 (36.4%). However, a further 10 notes had comments documented, which increased completion rate to 59.09%.

Discussion/conclusion After initial concerns raised by Staff about time taken to complete the form and the qualitative nature of information included in the form, this was incorporated into most consultations including under-18 attendees. Documentation on most key aspects of the pro-forma was generally good, with room for improvement. A feed-back session for staff combined with a further dedicated teaching session on safe-guarding is organised to improve this.

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