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P093 Audit on the management of epididymo-orchitis in a London-based level 3 sexual health clinic
  1. Temi Lampejo,
  2. Mohamed Abdulcadir
  1. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, UK


Background/introduction The aetiology of epididymo-orchitis is largely related to a patient’s age with sexually transmitted pathogens being the common aetiological agents in those under 35 years of age. In individuals aged over 35 uropathogens represent the commonest cause. National guidelines exist for the appropriate management of this condition.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess the management of epididymo-orchitis in our clinic with reference to the BASHH guidelines.

Methods A case note review of all men with epididymo-orchitis attending our clinic between January and June 2015. Age at time of diagnosis, investigations and treatment decisions were recorded.

Results A total of 59 patients were identified ranging from age 16 to 67. Only 66% of patients had all four recommended microbiological investigations performed (target 90%). Nineteen patients did not have an MSU microscopy/culture performed and 7 had no urethral smear. All patients were tested for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. All 59 patients were prescribed an appropriate antibiotic regimen. The 5 patients who did not respond clinically had a documented plan for further clinical action.

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Discussion/conclusions This audit demonstrated that patients attending our clinic were treated in concordance with national guidelines and the vast majority showed a good clinical response. However, lack of routine urine sampling for microscopy/culture was evident. Although a urine dipstick was performed in most cases, guidelines do stipulate that this only serves as a useful adjunct. As a result of this audit our department intends to obtain an MSU for culture in all cases of epididymo-orchitis.

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