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P102 Primary care supported by level 3 sexual health can provide a highly acceptable STI service to men who have sex with men (MSM)
  1. Tamuka Gonah1,
  2. Jodie Scrivener1,
  3. Isata Gando1,
  4. Daniel Richardson2,3
  1. 1Brighton Station Health Centre (careUK Ltd)
  2. 2Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
  3. 3Brighton & Sussex Medical School


Background/introduction Future health interventions for MSM (HPV vaccination & HIV-PrEP) may need to be delivered in primary care: services need to be acceptable to MSM and aware of patient’s sexuality. We are a walk in primary care and level 2 sexual health service in a city with a large MSM population supported by the local level 3 integrated sexual health service.

Aim(s)/objectives To measure the acceptability of an STI service in primary care.

Methods We offered an anonymous patient survey in the service between January and February 2016.

Results 93/120 (83%) surveys were completed. 62/93 (67%) of participants were male: 45/93 (48%) identified as MSM. 91/93 (98%) were satisfied with the clinical environment, 92/93 (99%) said the service was accessible, 92/93 (99%) would use the service again and 90/9% (97%) would recommend the service to family and friends. 24/45 (53%) MSM and 23/48 (48%) non-MSM had previously used primary care for STI screening. 19/45 (42%) MSM and 12/48 (25%) non-MSM previously had Chlamydia. 27/45 (60%) MSM, 7/48 (15%) non-MSM previously had Gonorrhoea. 7/45 (16%) MSM and 2/48 (4%) of non-MSM were previously diagnosed with Syphilis. 5/45 (11%) of MSM and 8/48 (17%) of non-MSM said their GP was not aware of their sexuality. 9/45 (20%) MSM and 7/38 (18%) non-MSM voluntarily informed their GP of their sexuality. 15/45 (33%) of MSM and 13/48 (27%) of non-MSM were asked about their sexuality by their GP.

Discussion/conclusion Our primary care STI service is acceptable to patients who appear to attend primary care for sexual health including MSM with high rates of STIs. Systems to determine sexuality in primary care will be necessary for implementation of HPV vaccination and other health interventions in MSM

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