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P104 Management of Chronic Prostatitis in an Inner London Sexual Health Clinic
  1. Mohamed Abdulcadir,
  2. Rosemarie Turner,
  3. Temi Lampejo
  1. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Introduction Chronic prostatitis is a distressing condition with significant impact of quality of life. Chronic prostatitis (CP) symptoms include pain, urinary symptoms and sexual dysfunction. The prevalence of prostatitis is approximately 5- 9% in the general population. This retrospective case study evaluated the management of this condition using the NIH –Prostatitis symptoms index (NIH-CPSI) and UPOINT involving 6 domains (urinary, psychological, organic-specific, infection, neurological/systemic, tenderness) to stratify patient into specific symptoms-led phenotypes.

Method The symptoms of patients were captured using the NIH- CPSI scores and the UPOINT diagnostic algorithm addressing CP phenotypic domains according to the likely aetiology mechanism (3). NIH-CPSI is used to measure the severity of CP symptoms, encompassing 13 items grouped into three domains: pain, urinary symptoms and quality of life (QOL). The highest score is 43; a high score indicates a worse outcome. A reduction of 6 points after treatment is considered a good response.

Results 28 patients were seen over 6 months. 57% (16) were new diagnoses and 43% (12) were recurrent. All patients were treated with ciprofloxacin except when gram positive bacteria were detected and Co-Amoxiclav was prescribed. The average reduction in NIH-CPSI score after treatment was 11.5.

Conclusion In our cohort a significant proportion of men responded to antibiotic because of positive bacterial culture in the semen. A quarter of patients had a combination of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Patient with voiding difficulties were referred to the urology team, those with psychological problems, were referred to the psychology team.

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