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P111 Perceptions of Chlamydia screening, contraception and HIV testing among 16–24 year old patients visiting a GP surgery
  1. Leah Jones1,
  2. Ellie Ricketts1,
  3. Katy Town2,
  4. Donna Lecky1,
  5. Claire Rugman1,
  6. Kate Folkard2,
  7. Anthony Nardone2,
  8. Thomas Hartney2,
  9. Cliodna McNulty1
  1. 1Primary Care Unit, Public Health England, Gloucester, UK
  2. 2National Chlamydia Screening Programme, Public Health England, London, UK


Background A complex intervention based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour significantly increased chlamydia screening in general practice (McNulty et al 2014). It may be more beneficial to extend this intervention to a broader sexual health offer including chlamydia testing, contraception advice and when appropriate, HIV testing (3Cs and HIV).

Aim To determine young adults’ opinions of having a broader sexual health offer (3Cs and HIV) at their GP practice.

Methods Thirty interviews were conducted with 9 male and 21 female patients, 16–24 years in English GP practices. Participants were interviewed immediately before or after a routine practice attendance of any type. Data was analysed using a thematic framework and using QSR Nvivo 10.

Results Participants indicated that method of testing, timing and staff member approach were important aspects to chlamydia screening and contraception discussions. Participants displayed a clear preference for the GP practice over other sexual health service locations. Items most important to participants were convenience, reassurance, and that the sexual health discussion is appropriate and routine. Barriers identified were embarrassment, unease, lack of time, religion and concern of causing offence. Suggested facilitators include raising awareness, reassuring confidentiality, ensuring the discussion is facilitated by trust and professionalism at the end of the consultation.

Conclusion The majority of participants are happy to be offered 3Cs and HIV at their GP surgery. Therefore, it is important for GP staff to recognise these preferences and ensure that the full 3Cs and HIV services are made available and offered to appropriate patients.

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