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P161 Managing Sexual assault in an integrated Sexual health service: ensuring quality and pathways into care
  1. Joanne Hamilton,
  2. Tatyana Sahabandu,
  3. Justine Orme,
  4. Suneeta Soni,
  5. Daniel Richardson
  1. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction Reported sexual assaults have increased in England & Wales since operation Yewtree. Sexual health services are ideally placed to manage and support victims of sexual assault. Clear patient pathways underpin the quality of care victims of sexual assault receive.

Aim(s)/objectives To assess our outcomes against the 2011 BASHH guidelines on the management of complainants of sexual assault.

Methods We undertook a case note review of all SA attendances to the CNC between August 2014 and July 2015

Results 114 sexual assault patients were seen, 87% (99/114) were female, the median age was 23 years (13–66) and 96% (110/114) were white British or white other. 41% (47/114) were referred by the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), 49% (56/114) self-referred. 24% (27/114) reported being assaulted in an outside area, 16% (18/114) at a public venue and 20% (23/114) at the accused’s home. 35% (40/114) attended within 72 hours of the assault, 22% (2/114) within 7 days, 17% (19/114) within 2 weeks, 21% (24/114) within 3 months and 4% (5/114) within a year. 99% (43/44) were appropriately assessed for PEPSE, 89% (64/72) were offered prophylactic antibiotics, 50/51 (99%) of women were assessed for emergency contraception. 63% (72/114) reported the assault to the police, 37% (9/28) who didn’t report were offered third Party Reporting. STI infection rate was 6/114 (5%).

Discussion/conclusion Our results suggest that our current management is in keeping with BASHH guidelines and that local referral pathways support patient care.

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