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P166 Service Evaluation of Perceived Needs of Women Living with HIV in the Outpatient Setting
  1. Rebecca Murdock1,
  2. Gladys Mundowa1,
  3. Sonia Raffe1,
  4. Daniel Richardson1,2,
  5. Yvonne Gilleece1,2
  1. 1Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, Brighton, UK
  2. 2Brighton & Sussex Medical School Brighton, UK


Background/introduction Gender plays an important role in determining vulnerability and ability to access appropriate HIV care. Services must adapt to meet the needs of their population. Our HIV outpatient service provides care for 2400 people: <15% are women

Methods A pilot plus follow up patient survey of the women attending the HIV outpatients.

Results 16 women completed the pilot questionnaire; 5/16 (31.2%) aged 17–45 years, 11/16 (68.75%) aged > 46. 4/16 (25%) disclosed a disability. 16/16 (100%) had no difficulty accessing our service. 3/16 (18.8%) of households had children living in them <16 years of age which 2/3 (66%) attended with mother: 2/2/(100% ) were comfortable bringing their children into clinic. 1/3 ( 33.4%) had an option to leave children someone else. 10/16 (62.5%) thought a service for women only would be useful: only 7/16 (43.2%) were aware of the nurse led Women only HIV service. Women found the following services most useful: counselling support/psychology 9/16 (56%), cervical cytology 9/16 (56%), menopausal advice 6/16 (37.5%), benefits-support 6/16 (38%), sexual health screening 3/16 (19%), fertility advice 3/16 (18.8%), contraception advice 1/16 (6%), and pregnancy advice 2/16 (13%).8/16 (50%) preferred a female HCP. 2/16 (13%) reported violence or abuse from a partner or family member: 1/2 (50%) of those discussed with a HCP.

Discussion/conclusion Preliminary results suggest that that the women attending our clinic have no issues with child care, language barriers or disabilities. Women over 45 years were more likely to take part in our study (70% response). Of concern is a reported lack of knowledge about services already available which we are pursuing.

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