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P175 Service Evaluation of the Use of the Young Person’s Proforma in Relation to Central and Community Sexual Health Clinics
  1. Megan O’Connell1,
  2. Nicola Lomax2
  1. 1Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
  2. 2Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Cardiff, UK


Background/introduction The prevalence of non-consensual sex is higher in those with a sexual debut before the age of 16. BASHH therefore advocates the use of a Young Person’s Proforma (YPP) in sexual health clinics to detect signs of, and concurrent risk factors for, child sexual exploitation (CSE), intending to safeguard this vulnerable group of attendees.

Aim(s)/objectives To investigate the adherence to BASHH guidelines relating to the care of young people accessing sexual health services, specifically the use of the YPP.

Methods A retrospective review analysing 150 case notes of patients under 16yrs, attending between 1st July 2014 and 1st June 2015. Notes were extracted from a central clinic (n = 50), and 4 community sexual health clinics (n = 100).

Results Centrally, all patients had a proforma completed, compared with 81% of community patients. Proformas were completed in 67% of male community patients. 19 patients had experienced involuntary sexual activity. 19% of patients had 1 or more significant risk factor for CSE. In total, 83 further referrals (57% safeguarding) were made. Risk factors were reassessed in 79% of patients. 71% attended primarily for contraception (central = 46%, community = 83%), with 79% offered STI screening.

Discussion/conclusion The central clinic achieved all BASHH targets, whereas the community clinics failed to do so, highlighting the need for a consistent approach to assessment of safeguarding concerns across all sites. Proforma completion is pivotal in safeguarding patients, however consistency between sexes is needed. Extending proforma use for reassessment and 16–17 year olds may also be beneficial. Improvements to ensure an equitable service are needed.

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