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P181 Do we need to routinely re-screen heterosexual patients for HIV and Syphilis when they reattend GUM/SRH clinics? (Improving clinical practice and service delivery)
  1. Nilani Uthayakumar,
  2. Eva Jungmann
  1. Mortimer Market Centre, London, UK


Background/introduction In the current financial climate we need to ensure that scarce resources are used efficiently. Heterosexual patients re-attending GUM/SRH services after an initial negative screen for HIV may be at low risk for acquiring new HIV and/or Syphilis and routine testing may not be cost-effective.

Aim(s)/objectives Determine the incidence of HIV and Syphilis in heterosexuals re-attending GUM/SRH services after previous negative HIV testing. Establish potential savings.

Methods Case note review of heterosexual patients attending a mixture of Inner London Integrated and Sexual Health clinics in 2014 and re-testing for HIV and/or Syphilis within 12 months. Data extracted includes patient demographics, tests performed and outcomes. Cost of HIV POCT £2.64, HIV serology £18.75, Syphilis screen £10.35.

Results Of 31,469 patients who tested for HIV in 2014, 4,584 (14.6%) were retested within 12 months. 69% were female and 31% male. The age range was 16–81 years with 27% <25 years, 33% White British, 20% White Other, 18% Black African/Black British/Caribbean/Other Black and others from a diverse range of ethnicities. 89% tested for HIV (82% POCT, 18% Antigen/Antibody) and 88% for Syphilis. Results showed one newly diagnosed HIV infection (male seroconverter with recent high-risk activity) and no new Syphilis infections. 25 patients found with positive Syphilis Serology were all either previously treated or had a false positive result. Potential savings if we had not tested for: HIV POCT- £8,886, HIV Antigen/Antibody- £13,763, Syphilis- £42,083.

Discussion/conclusion These results suggest that we need to review our current testing policy.

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