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P188 Safeguarding adults attending an inner city sexual health service
  1. Nisha Mody,
  2. Catherine Kirby,
  3. Patrice Grech,
  4. Hermione Thompson,
  5. Frances Turner,
  6. Lorette Runacres,
  7. Elizabeth Hamlyn
  1. King’s College Hospital, London, UK


Background/introduction Adult safeguarding is the process of protecting vulnerable adults from harm or exploitation. In 2014 our sexual health clinic introduced an adult safeguarding proforma and a regular adult safeguarding meeting.

Aim(s)/objectives To evaluate the impact of a new safeguarding pathway.

Methods Retrospective case note review of patients entered onto the safeguarding database from April-December 2015.

Results Of 14833 adult attendances, 148 patients were identified as vulnerable (1.0% vs 0.3% in 2013, p < 0.0001). Notes were available for 135/148. Median age was 30 years (range 18–70); 74% female; 17% homosexual or bisexual. Main reasons for attendance were STI screening (69%) and contraception (11%). 13% of females were pregnant. Vulnerability was identified by the clinician in 64% and disclosed by the patient or carer in 27%. Mental health problems were reported in 60%; a violent or pressurised relationship in 53%; drug or alcohol consumption in 55%. 13% were asylum seekers; 7% were victims of trafficking. 7% had learning disabilities. 4% reported sex with a person in a position of trust. Two or more vulnerability factors were identified in 86%. 2% lacked capacity. 70% were discussed at the Adult safeguarding meeting, 27% were referred to the Trust safeguarding team. Other referrals included social services (7%), mental health services (5%) and police (3%). 14% had responsibility for children aged <18 years; 5% required child safeguarding input.

Discussion/conclusion A large number of vulnerable adults attend our service, highlighting the importance of robust safeguarding procedures. Greater numbers were identified following introduction of a new safeguarding pathway.

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