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P199 Analysis of training needs in a newly integrated Sexual Health Service (SHS)
  1. Belinda Loftus,
  2. Susan Dymock
  1. Spectrum Community Health CIC, Yorkshire, UK


Background The Integrated Sexual Health Services: National Service Specification 2013, includes; Patients to receive their care in a “one stop shop.” Staff training should include accredited courses facilitated by BASHH and the FRSH. Key Performance Indicators that relate to the number of staff who are dual qualified.

Method Nurses were identified by their nursing role, band, original speciality and their training needs. The Band 6 (B6) nurses are the initial first training focus. Training for B6 nurses was considered as Essential; (that required to meet service specification) and Non Essential (that required in order to deliver a truly “one stop” holistic care package, or provide training to others).

Aim To identify the training needs of a newly integrated service in order to formulate a strategy which meets the training requirements of the team, whilst retaining high quality service delivery.

Conclusion Integration causes a significant training burden on SHS from a financial, organisational and workforce perspective. Meeting integration training demands is likely to cause disruption to services and staff; resulting in additional stress, increasing sickness and staff turnover rates. Training approach is based upon “quick wins” first targeting those B6 nurses with contraception and Level 2 sexual health experience. B6 Nurses were targeted first as most of their time is spent in clinic; thus improving access, and useful in upskilling others. B6 nurses considered “early adopters” were selected, as likely to have a positive effect on others.

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