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P207 Chlamydia and our ‘Best Friends Forever’ policy
  1. Andrew de Burgh-Thomas,
  2. Angela Arthur
  1. Gloucestershire Care Services, Gloucester, UK


Background/introduction Our chlamydia screening target was challenging.

Aim(s)/Objectives To test more under 25 year olds in our area. To assess the number of new positives from the intervention and the potential impact on our target.

Methods We implemented a policy that all <25 yo’s were offered kits for their friends. We developed kits with a ‘site code’ BFF (Best Friend Forever) enabling laboratory tracking. We developed a local code to determine if the offer was made and accepted/declined.

Results From Dec to Feb 2016 we saw 3072 <25 yo patients. We recorded that we offered BFF kits to 32% (989). They were accepted by 28% (277) who took 415 kits (average 1.5 kits each). Of these 15% (62) were returned and the chlamydia positivity in these kits was 11.2% (7). From these 7 positives via contact tracing 5 additional positives were identified. On average there are 0.6 chlamydia positives/case identified. If we extrapolate this we expect 6 additional chlamydia positives. From our intervention 7 cases, 5 chlamydia positive partners and an estimated 6 additional chlamydia positive partners would have been identified totalling 18.

Discussion/Conclusion Only 1/3rd of our target group were offered, we calculate 54 new chlamydia positives (18% of target) if offered to all. Kits costs £1.30, we distributed 415 costing £539. We identified 12 patients (7 + 5) and estimate an extra 6 would have been found so each chlamydia positive costs £30 - £45 (test kit only).

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