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P214 How easy is it to discuss party drug use in men who have sex with men? A clinic survey
  1. Nicolas Pinto-Sander,
  2. Fionnuala Finnerty,
  3. David Atefi,
  4. Kate Yarrow,
  5. Daniel Richardson
  1. Brighton ans Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Brighton, UK


Background/introduction Party drug use is associated with poor health outcomes particularly in men who have sex with men (MSM). We have shown high and increasing rates of party drug use in MSM locally including injecting drug use (Slamming).

Aim(s)/objectives To ascertain staff confidence in discussing party drug use in MSM and to identify challenges and training needs.

Methods We designed an eight-question electronic survey for health care professionals working in sexual health locally. Questions related to confidence and training required in asking MSM about party drug use.

Results 93 professionals responded (19 doctors, 26 nurses and 48 allied health care professionals including health advisers, health care assistants and pharmacists). 54/92 (59%) of respondents felt happy with their current knowledge and 54/81 (65%) of respondents had had specific training in party drug use. 75/81 (93%) felt they would benefit from further training. 49/91 (54%) felt confident discussing party drug use with MSM but respondents felt less confident discussing slamming – 36/89 (41%) felt confident, 34/89 (38%) felt sometimes confident and 19/89 (21%) did not feel confident at all. Reported challenges included keeping up to date with new party drugs and legal highs and knowledge of the modes of administration. Small group teaching was the preferred mode of teaching.

Discussion/conclusion Even in centres where recreational drug use in MSM is high and staff receive training on drug use, it is an ever-changing landscape, and training needs to be regular and up to date preferably in a small group setting.

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