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P215 Patient telephone consultations in a sexual health service. What do they tell us about service efficiency and patient need?
  1. Merle Symonds,
  2. Liat Sarner
  1. Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK


Background/introduction With an ever decreasing financial envelope, sexual health services are being tasked with developing more cost effective ways of managing patients without impacting on quality of care. Centralised patient management systems have reduced the need for face to face contact, using virtual systems, based upon Health and Social Care information Centre (HSCI) definitions, to manage ongoing care for patients including partner notification.

Aim(s)/objectives Analyse virtual management undertaken with patients following new attendance for episodes of STI care. To ascertain and categorise the number of virtual contacts that prevented a face to face follow up attendance.

Methods Thematic analysis was performed on a randomised sample of telephone consultations definitions between 04/15 and 01/16

Results 82,994 calls were made to automated results systems. 13,373 calls were transferred from the automated system.

Abstract P215 Table 1

Telephone consultations

Discussion/Conclusion The automated system manages 82% of calls without patients opting to speak with clinicians. Significant numbers of patients opted for telephone consultation upon notification of an infection, giving opportunity for initiation of PN alongside management of further testing and treatment. Approaching ¼ of consultations analysed, showed no additional testing or treatment was indicated, but advice and reassurance was the primary reason for speaking with staff. Virtual consultations can provide a high quality alternative to face to face follow-up visits.

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