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P220 The uptake of HIV screening among pregnant women at a Grenadian clinic
  1. Lola Meghoma
  1. University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK


Background/introduction In Grenada, almost 70% of patients diagnosed with HIV are of reproductive age, however this group is often the least educated about the disease. To prevent vertical transmission, access to testing and treatment is free. Screening for HIV occurs at booking and at 32 weeks gestation. Awareness of HIV status is not only important for the mother and child but also for healthcare professionals involved in her care. Despite this, women continue to opt out of HIV screening. This audit will seek to determine the uptake of HIV screening among pregnant women at a Grenadian clinic and discuss potential barriers to screening.

Aim(s)/objectives Determine the uptake of HIV screening among pregnant women. Explore possible barriers to screening.

Methods Optimal adherence to the screening programme was set at 100%. Retrospective data from women attending the antenatal clinic between 01/06/14 and 01/06/15 were included. Screening status was obtained from the visiting book. Data was then analysed against the set standard.

Results 140 women attended the clinic. 110/140 had opted in for HIV screening giving a screening rate of 79%. Reasons why women opted out of screening were discussed and included: Denial, Ignorance to susceptibility, Fear of discrimination, Confidentiality concerns, Screening at separate location and being unable to breastfeed with HIV-positive status.

Discussion/conclusion Education is key to increase awareness about the importance of HIV screening. Healthcare professionals should be aware of and address barriers to screening during consultations. An educational poster has been produced for the clinic with the intention of increasing awareness of HIV among the pregnant population.

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