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P241 Do men attending a Genitourinary Medicine service know if their most recent sexual partner was using contraception?
  1. William Gibson,
  2. Amy Pearce,
  3. Frances Keane
  1. Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, UK


Background/introduction Unintended pregnancy is a significant problem. In 2014 in England and Wales 184,571 abortions were performed. Contraceptive methods generally focus on females. Males have the potential to contribute significantly to the contraceptive decisions in their relationships.

Aim(s)/objectives To demonstrate what knowledge male patients have of their partner’s contraception status.

Methods Electronic proformas for male GUM patients in the region studied were amended to include a question that assessed whether or not the attending patient was aware if their most recent sexual partner (MRSP) was using contraception. After this was in place, notes of all male patients classified “new”/”rebook” who attended in January 2016 were studied. Those coded MSM (men who have sex with men) were excluded. An Excel workbook was created from the data of the 396 patients. Patients assessed on alternative proformas were excluded, as were those of practitioners not engaging in the study. 159 of the remaining 201 patients had the appropriate proforma section completed.

Results 125/159 (78.6%) had performed unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI) with their MRSP. 120/159 (75.4%) stated that they knew whether or not their MRSP was using contraception. Of the 39 (24.6%) who didn’t know, 10 had performed only protected sex with their MRSP and a further two had vasectomies. Of the remaining 27 (17%), 19/27 (70.4%) classed their partner as “Casual” and 8/27 (29.6%) “Regular”. 19/37 (51.3%) men having UPSI with a casual partner didn’t know if they were on contraception.

Discussion/conclusion Poor knowledge of partner’s contraceptive status is demonstrated. This may highlight a potential area for future intervention.

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