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P029 Auditing gonorrhoea treatment and antibiotic sensitivity
  1. Yvonne Wilson,
  2. Cathy Johnson,
  3. Una Murtagh,
  4. Joanne McCartney,
  5. Sandra McRoberts,
  6. Fionnuala Perry
  1. Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, GUM Clinic, Belfast, UK


Introduction With diagnoses of Gonorrhoea on the rise and increased rates of resistance being reported, nurses carried out and audit to establish the level of compliance with current British Association of Sexual Health and HIV guidelines in relation to the treatment of patients diagnosed with GC and to analyse antibiotic sensitivity.

Methods Retrospective case note review of episodes coded B was carried out looking at age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, co-infections, treatment, resistance, number of partners in past 3 months, test of cures and follow up serology.

Results 69 cases reviewed, 33 MSM, 32 heterosexual, 4 bisexual. 10 patients were known HIV positive, 12 patients had 1 other co-infection, 4 had 2 other co-infections.

66 (96%) treated with first therapy of Ceftriaxone 500mg IM/Azithromycin 1G, 19 of these were also given Doxycycline 100mg twice daily for 1 week. 2 (3%) treated with Ceftriaxone 500mg IM/Doxycycline 500mg twice daily for 1 week. 45 (65%) fully sensitive to recommended antibiotics 13 (19%) reduced sensitivity to 1 antibiotic group 8 (11%) reduced sensitivity to 2 antibiotic groups. 4 (5%) reduced sensitivity to 3 antibiotic groups Our 5 cases of high level Azithromycin resistance were included. No cultures were resistant to Ceftriaxone

Discussion Treatment and management was in line with BASHH guidelines, it also highlights the developing problem with resistant infection, the importance of monitoring antibiotic sensitivity and effective partner notification in the effort to treat the infection adequately and reduce risk of transmission.

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