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P043 Contraceptive use in HIV positive women. are effective methods being offered?
  1. Laura Bell,
  2. Yvonne Wilson,
  3. Wallace Dinsmore,
  4. Claire Donnelly,
  5. Carol Emerson,
  6. Emma McCarty,
  7. Eoin Walker,
  8. Say Quah
  1. Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast, UK


Introduction British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidelines recommend that consistent condom use should be encouraged along with additional methods of contraception for women living with HIV. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) may reduce the efficacy of hormonal contraceptive.

Methods A retrospective chart review was carried out of all women under the age of 45 regularly attending the clinic (attended twice in the past year). Charts were reviewed to establish if the method of contraception used was discussed and documented within the past year, which method was being used and if there were any drug interactions.

Results A total of 145 female patients were identified. The method of contraception used was documented in 75%, as shown in the table. Of the women reporting no contraceptive use 14 were not sexually active. 124 (86%) patients were prescribed HAART. Of those patients who were prescribed HAART and hormonal methods of contraception, 2 potential drug interactions were identified of which 1 had been discussed with patient. From 2014–2016 29 patients became pregnant (those diagnosed through antenatal services were excluded) of which 19 where prescribed HAART.

Discussion Contraceptive methods should be discussed with HIV positive patients along with advice on consistent use of condoms in patients using hormonal methods of contraception and HAART. This will help prevent unplanned pregnancies as well as HIV transmission.

Abstract P043 Table 1

Contraceptive use in HIV positive women

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