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P058 Demand for pre exposure prophylaxis for hiv (PREP) and the impact on clinical services: scottish men who have sex with men (MSM) perspectives
  1. Rebecca Gilson,
  2. Daniel Clutterbuck
  1. Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh, UK


Introduction Studies have assessed awareness and interest in taking PrEP but there is less data on ability and willingness to self-fund. Our aim was to assess how many eligible (high risk, PROUD study criteria) may want PrEP, how many ineligible (lower risk) MSM would be willing and able to self-fund and how PrEP may impact on risk taking behaviour.

Methods Self-completed anonymous questionnaire Questions included sexual risk and risk frequency, willingness to take PrEP, income, willingness to self fund and impact on risk taking.

Results Of 377 participants, 81.5% were aware of PrEP. 53 (15.5%) were eligible, of whom 50 (94.3%) aware of PrEP and 50 (94.3%) likely to want it. Of those ineligible, 229 (80%) aware of PrEP and 171 (60%) likely to want it. The majority of men reported they would not be more likely to have condomless sex or increase partner numbers.

Discussion Levels of awareness of PrEP in our population were much higher than the 30% previously reported in Scotland. Previous studies showed 50% would be willing to take PrEP. In this study, 94.3% of the 15.5% of men eligible and 60% of those ineligible were likely to want it. This will have implications for discussions and monitoring. A systematic review of PrEP6 found no difference in condom use or numbers of partners. Our study indicates that men believe that risk taking behaviour will likely not increase.

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